Winterization Service Includes:

  • Turn off water supply to system
  • Remove Backflow device if applicable
  • Drain & flush Backflow device if needed
  • Winterize system using compressed air @ 45-55psi as to protect system components from damage caused by  high air pressure
  • Run through zones a minimum of 2x to make sure system is flushed
  • Drain indoor plumbing when applicable
  • Note any repairs or modifications to be made next season

Irrigation System Winterization Service 

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Maintenance services can be purchased as a single service or as part of our Annual Irrigation System Maintenance Package. The maintenance package includes all three annual services- Winterization Service, Turn-on Service and Mid-season System Check. Maintenance ackages can be pre-paid for the season or invoiced at the time of service. Our clients who choose to purchase the Annual Irrigation System Maintenance Package receive a 15% discount on the services.

*15% discount is for scheduled maintenance services only and does not include repairs or replacement parts.