Installation Service:
Quality installation is one of the biggest factors affecting the longevity of an irrigation system. The other is routine maintenance. We take pride our work and include a 3 year warranty on workmanship if EcoFriendly Irrigation installs and maintains the irrigation system.


Design & Installation

Benefits of drip irrigation include:

  • Eliminate water lost to overspray on windows, walls & walkways.
  • Reduced water lost to evaporation
  • Reduced or eliminated runoff on paved areas
  • Reduces amount of weed infestation in flowerbeds
  • Helps reduce damaging fungi because plant tissue stays dry
  • Can be as high as 90% water efficient

EcoFriendly Irrigation designs and installs top of the line water efficient irrigation systems using high quality components and outstanding workmanship.

As an owner operated company dedicated to our clients' satisfaction we will want to meet with you to discuss and design a customized irrigation system that suits your needs. We do not install "cookie cutter" irrigation systems or give quotes without meeting in person to get an overview of the property and to discuss project details.

Why choose EcoFriendly Irrigation?

  • Your satisfaction is our priority
  • We don't cut corners
  • We install a customized system to fit your specific site requirements.
  • 3 year warranty if system is maintained by EcoFriendly Irrigation

Design Service:
Our designs are water efficient drip irrigation systems for window boxes and potted plants.

Drip Irrigation Designs
These designs are low volume watering systems that deliver water directly to the base of the plant or surrounding soil. This application is typically used when irrigating flowerbeds , gardens and potted plants/window boxes and is sometimes referred to as "micro-irrigation."


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